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Nostalgia for Rua da Saudade

Nostalgia for Rua da Saudade


Joana Gomes Cardoso; Joana Sousa Monteiro; Lídia Fernandes; Ana Cosme; Carolina Grilo; Daniela Araújo; Maria Miguel Lucas; Miguel Coelho; Rani Almeida; Rui Coelho


75 pages

ISBN 978-989-8167-63-7

This publication of the Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre seeks to recover several remarkable events from the most recent history of this city area. The excavation of the roman monument carried out in the decade of 1960, the several changes of the constructed space and several distinct social aspects from now, that nearly lasted to our days, are some of the many pretended topics to be brought to the present.

saudades da rua da saudade.jpg