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Arqueologia da Rua da Saudade. Um Templo Romano (?) na Cidade

Archeology of the Rua da Saudade. A Roman Temple (?) in the City


Authors: Carolina Grilo, Cristóvão Fonseca, Isabel Fernandes, Jorge Sequeira, José d’Encarnação, Lídia Fernandes, Manuel Francisco Costa Pereira, Simon Davis.


142 pages

ISBN 978-989-8763-46-4

This catalogue of the temporary exhibition «Archeology of Rua da Saudade. A Roman Temple (?) in the City», held in the Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre (from October 2020 to June 2021), presents the results of an archaeological intervention carried out in 2019. This study allowed the reconstitution of the history of what could have been a roman temple in the old Felicitas Iulia Olisipo, enhancing the importance of the archaeology as a source for the knowledge of the city history.