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Through the Education Department and by appointment, the Museum of Lisbon offers guided tours, historical reconstitutions, artistic workshops and training sessions, offering the opportunity for a better understanding of the history and experiences of the city of Lisbon. 

Activities are aimed at the general public, families, schoolchildren, senior citizens and people with special needs. 

Here is some information that may help you prepare for your visit. If you need any further help, please contact us at: ​​​

Take a look at our programme and come take a look, walk around, think, learn and discover Lisbon!



  • Guided Tours


    Every month we promote visits to the various locations of the Museum of Lisbon where we want to show more of Lisbon and our collections.

  • Walking tours in the city


    A museum must be involved in its community and at the service of society as well as its development, exposing the material and intangible heritage of humanity and its surroundings for educational, research and leisure purposes.

    That's why we promote tours that connect the locations of Museum of Lisbon to their communities and, at the same time, show the city and its heritage.


  • Special Tours


    Muitas vezes, uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras. E se essas imagens forem dadas por personagens?
    Esta é mais uma aventura no Museu de Lisboa: dar forma às imagens, mostrar como se vivia na cidade e dar voz aos seus habitantes. Não vamos recriar as personagens dos livros, mas descobrir os protagonistas da vida na cidade.

  • More family activities


    We invite families to experience the activities of the Museum of Lisbon. Our challenge includes several activities to play, paint, draw, discover, always with the family.


  • Programme

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    • Pimenta Palace

      Guided tour

      26 Mar 2022 — 07 May 202215h30 – 16h45

      Feeling Lisbon


Programme for schools is only available in Portuguese.
For further information please contact us: or +351 217 513 256

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