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Guided tour with the curators

  • 21 NOV 2021 3.30pm
  • 11 DEC 2021 10am
  • 12 DEC 2021 4.30pm
  • 17 OCT 2021 3.30pm
  • 19 SEPT 2021 2.30pm

16 May 2021 — 15h30

Duration: 90 minutes

+ 10 years old

Tickets: 3€
Available at

Offering historical and contemporary perspectives, we go back to medieval times to discover vegetable gardens in the heart of the city (Praça da Figueira, Rossio, Martim Moniz). We also look to the future through the new techniques at our disposal to build and maintain a resilient and sustainable urban vegetable garden.

Ethnographic research carried out by the Museum of Lisbon brings us the diversity of the city's gardeners, revealing a sense of belonging and varied practices, narratives and networks of mutual assistance that reflect various origins and migratory routes.


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Lisbon’s Vegetable Gardens