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Atelier Peninsular

11 — 26 Mar 202310h – 18h

Free admission

+ 6 years old

Efeito de Estufa, organised by Jardins Abertos festival, presents an interdisciplinary programme that sees architecture, art and the natural landscape of Lisbon converge in a reflection on today’s environmental challenges, helping us to imagine new and sustainable models of collective living for the future.

Installed on the open lawn of the gardens of Palácio Pimenta, this installation establishes a dialogue with the existing glass greenhouse. Of similar dimensions and geometry, it corresponds to the greenhouse’s opposite; its exposed, visible structure supports an open surface, seemingly functionless. Even temporarily, the function of this surface allows us to recognise a historical situation: the impossibility of escape from our terrestrial existence, lived out in this fine layer between crust and troposphere. The Earth that is close to us, both in time and in space, is that which today we feel and inhabit.

Atelier Peninsular develops a shared practice in the disciplines of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, seeing each project as a space of possibilities open to collaboration, experimentation and research into new areas of knowledge. It was founded in 2017 by Emanuel Diogo, Hugo Guiomar and Stefano Serventi.


© Cláudia Pereira

Efeito de estufa