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Thrones of St. Anthony


  • 4 – 30 JUN 2023
  • 4 – 30 JUN 2022
  • 5 – 30 JUN 2021

04 — 30 Jun 202310h – 18h

Opening of the street exhibition and launch of the digital itinerary

The street exhibition of Santo António Shrines is the result of a challenge launched by the Museum of Lisbon - Santo António to the people of Lisbon to create shrines and indicate their location, allowing the museum to create a visit itinerary available online.

A cultural expression that is profoundly of Lisbon and its local neighbourhoods, the street exhibition of the Saint Anthony Shrines offers a faithful and authentic portrait of the inhabitants of Lisbon, bringing special colour to the city during the month of the popular festivities.


© Museu de Lisboa

Thirteen-day Novena to St. Anthony