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The X-ray of a City

Based on the Model of Lisbon by fireman Luís Pereira de Carvalho

14 Jun 202318h – 19h30

With Mário Nascimento

+ 12 years old | 90 minutes

Free admission, subject to room capacity

The model that Luís Caetano Pereira de Carvalho built between 1906 and the last years of his life (he died in 1933) provides the pretext for a geographical and temporal wandering between the city and its representation. 

This extraordinary piece evokes an individual experience of daily life in the city and an authorial mapping of its physiognomy, the result of the author's experiences and admirable capacity for observation. 

It allows us today to undertake a mental wandering along arteries where, in the middle of Lilliputian constructions or among tram lines drawn out in pencil, we are invited to observe this accessible Lisbon suspended in time, to inhabit it with characters and narratives from other sources and, conversely, to transport its colourfulness to the tableaux of archive photographs. 

Starting from a fascinating journey through time, the conversation will focus on methods of recording the city, dating various elements and comparing the colours used on city façades.

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