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The gardens and the gods that hide in them

  • 11 NOV 2023 3PM - 4:30PM

11 Nov 202315h – 16h30

Free admission

All ages | 90 minutes

Registration not required. Places are available on a first come, first served basis.

The seasons of the year, Summer and Autumn, are waiting for us, in the beginning of this guided tour by archaeologist Filomena Barata. They are depicted by two “girls” commissioned by the Lisbon City Council to Jorge Barradas for the Estufa Fria in 1957, who welcome the participants of this tour about gods and mythology at the Museum of Lisbon, where these representations of Spring and Summer are also hidden, coming from the Real Fábrica de Louça, in Rato.

On this walk through Pimenta Palace and its gardens, visitors may find a curious tribute to the messenger god – Mercury – with a strong representation in the currently Portuguese territory, sculptural elements representing marine deities – Neptune and his entourage – and also plants and animals that were attributes of great lords of Olympus.

02-10-22 ©José Frade -17.jpg

José Frade © Museum of Lisboa

Jardins Abertos