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Not on the map?

04 Dec 2022 — 12 Mar 202315h – 18h

Free admission

All ages

The Museum of Lisbon - Pimenta Palace opens the garden doors for the exhibition entitled Not on the map? It is an opportunity to reflect on some territories of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, often described as «a priority, challenging, problematic» or similar adjectives. 

The project, conceived by António Brito Guterres, began at the Bairro Alto Theatre and continued at the Museum of Lisbon with the event Os mapas fazemos nós, which took place on 10 September. It involved four city walks different from the usual Museum's programme, more precisely, to the neighbourhoods of Curraleira, Charneca and Bairro Quinta Grande, Portugal Novo and Bairro da Liberdade. The tours, guided by the neighbourhoods' inhabitants as experts in their characteristics and main challenges, were followed by a lunch meeting at Museum of Lisbon, fostering a conversation about the meanings, emotions, memories, and practices the inhabitants collectively shed on other cartographies.

In this exhibition, designed by Emma Andretti and Monica di Eugenio, António Brito Guterres highlights some of the many possible narratives that can be contained in maps of the city, challenging, in the process, the role of the museum in cultural democracy. 

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