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Rescue dad from the gallows! A murder mystery in Medieval Lisbon

  • 12 NOV 2023 10:30am | SOLD OUT
  • 03 DEC 2023 10:30am
  • 01 OCT 2023 10:30am

01 Oct 202310h30

3 € (grants access to the whole venue)

+10 years old | 90 minutes

Tickets available at

The Portuguese expression "to rescue dad from the gallows" is used for someone who is in a big hurry and its origin is related to Saint Anthony. Legend has it that the saint's own father had been unjustly condemned for the murder of a neighbour. He was being taken to the gallows when Saint Anthony, who was in Padua, spiritually transported himself to Lisbon to defend his father and save him from death!

Miracles aside... Who did kill the neighbour in the end?

In this fun event at the Museum, you and your family or friends will be challenged to put your detective skills to the test and solve this murder mystery, to help Saint Anthony save his father from the gallows.


José Avelar © Museum of Lisbon

Vita Prima. Saint Anthony in Portugal