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Relaxation & Meditation

  • 07 DEC 2022 10:30AM
  • 22 JUN 2022 10:30AM
  • 02 JUN 2021 10:30AM

07 Dec 202210h30

5 € per adult

Aimed at mothers/fathers and babies from birth to sixth months of age. The practical posture and physical shape session is intended solely for mothers. In exceptional cases, other family members may be included. This information should be mentioned when registering and you should await confirmation.

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Developed in close cooperation with the physiotherapist Graça Lucena, who designed the programme, “Revealing Lisbon” associates the recovery from giving birth with a cultural experience in an 18th-century palace. The programme provides exercises to help mothers recover, to care for their babies and, of course, to support the father too.

Relaxation and Meditation
On a relaxed walk that will lull and comfort your babies, we propose the discovery of several stories hidden in the gardens of the Museum of Lisbon and a stop to relax and meditate while benefiting from this atmosphere of culture and nature. 

Required materials
Beach towel or equivalent
Fabric diaper
Comfortable clothes and shoes for both - we advise the mothers to use pants

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