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Paulo Tato Marinho

  • 30 NOV 2023 6PM

30 Nov 202318h

Free admission

+ 6 years old



The sound of Paulo Tato Marinho's bagpipes will mark the Bacchus Hour this last Thursday of November, on the 30th. He started playing this instrument at the age of 18, influenced by the vacations he spent in his father's family village, São Pedro da Torre, in Alto Minho and since 1982, he has devoted himself to the various aspects related to the bagpipe, as an instrumentalist, teacher, researcher, promoter, composer and builder.

In 1983, Paulo joined the band Sétima Legião, and in the following year, he joined the dance and singing group Anaquiños da Terra da Xuventude da Galiza - Centro Galego de Lisboa. In 1992 he was one of the founders of the musical group Gaiteiros de Lisboa. In 1999, he was one of the founders of the Portuguese Association for the Study and Dissemination of Bagpipes (APEDGF). He has participated and collaborated in shows and albums with various musical projects.

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