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The Siege of Lisbon, 1147

Maria Sobral Mendonça

  • OPENING: 12 JAN 2023 6PM
  • 13 JAN — 12 FEB 2023 10AM — 6PM

13 Jan 2023 — 12 Feb 202310h – 18h

3€ (includes a visit to the Museum)

Artwork in focus


Among the long-term exhibition at the Museum of Lisbon - Pimenta Palace, the museum highlights the work of visual artist Maria Sobral Mendonça, which portrays a turning point in the history of Lisbon: the moment when the portuguese troops, commanded by D. Afonso Henriques, take the the city from the Moors, with the support of an army of crusaders.

In this interpretation of the episode, the artist places D. Afonso Henriques at the centre, drawing his sword. At the top, the triangular band in yellow represents the religious devotion that enlightens Christendom. Exhausted and euphoric faces against a crimson background represent the military confrontations.'


The Siege of Lisbon
Acrylic on canvas
Maria Sobral Mendonça


© Maria Sobral Mendonça