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On the trail of Lisbon’s old Jewish neighbourhoods

  • 03 DEZ 2022 15H
  • 3 JUN 2021 3:30PM
  • 12 SET 2021 3:30PM
  • 22 MAI 2022 11H

03 Jun 2021 — 12 Sep 202115h30 – 17h

Duration: 90 minutes

> 12 years old

Tickets: 5 € per adult
Available at 

Departure: Museu de Lisboa - St. Anthony


Lisbon had four Jewish neighbourhoods and many Jewish families also lived outside these areas, a sign of the importance of this community in 15th century Portugal. The Jewish memory and inheritance remain very present, albeit often imperceptible. From the former Jewish neighbourhoods, whose material disappearance occurred definitively after 1755, we move on to discover how this community used to live. 

No trilho das antigas Judiarias MC PIN 0722.jpg

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