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Courting by the window, that is the question!

A decade in dialogue

  • 06 NOV 2022 10:30AM

06 Nov 202210h30 – 15h30

8 € (grants access to the whole venue)

+10 years old

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The title of this visit, "Courting by the window, that is the question" refers to the beginning of a debate in the magazine Civilização in 1928. In the 1920s, the image of women began to depart from more familiar traditional models. A la garçonne, the urban and cosmopolitan woman who worked outside the home acquired a certain autonomy of thought and action. But for how long?

This is one of the many questions to be addressed on this visit which begins with the temporary exhibition "The Roaring 20s in Lisbon", which can be seen at the Black Pavilion of the Museum of Lisbon – Pimenta Palace until 11 December, and ends at the National Museum of Contemporary Art.


10:30AM Museum of Lisbon – Pimenta Palace
02:30PM National Museum of Contemporary Art


© Museu de Lisboa

The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon