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My first herbarium

  • 24 MAR 2024 10:30AM [SOLD OUT]
  • 26 NOV 2023 10:30AM [SOLD OUT]

24 Mar 202410h30 – 11h45


+ 6 years old | 90 minutes

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Herbariums are essential tools for learning about flora. During a walk round the garden of the Pimenta Palace, visitors can see a variety of plants and learn to distinguish trees, herbaceous plants and vines from their leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds.

In this challenge of observation and exploration, the aim is to record, collect, draw, catalogue and uncover the secrets of the natural world in a first herbarium. In this workshop, we discuss the importance of preserving natural ecosystems and the need to develop sustainable practices to ensure a healthy future for our planet, particularly in cities.


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