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Maria João Matos & Zé Soares

27 Jul 202318h – 19h

Music and wine tasting

+ 6 years old

Free entrance

Maria João Matos sings in the same natural and unadorned way with which she lives the passionate gratitude of each note emitted. This seems to be what gives depth to her voice, reinforcing a personal magnetism that one does not forget.

In Zé Soares, jazz is a passion that perpetuates itself as a constant and incessant search: for the creation of new music, for technical improvement, for openness to other artistic experiences. Because when jazz is a way of life, it is necessary to build a house on it, with doors, windows, garden, landscape and the various paths to get there.

In any case - no surprise - it was around jazz music that the voice of Maria João Matos and the guitar of Zé Soares met. Every now and then - as here, in Hora de Baco - it is jazz that makes their paths cross, creating chill out moments that leave no room for the indifference of the froth of days.


Maria João Matos_Zé Soares_José Avelar Museu de Lisboa 2.JPG

© José Avelar/Museu de Lisboa

© José Avelar/Museu de Lisboa

Maria João Matos_Zé Soares_José Avelar Museu de Lisboa 2.JPG

© Museu de Lisboa

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