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Manueline Lisbon: The city that longed for the world

The Museum and the City

  • 03 MAY 2023 6pm
  • 11 MAY 2022 6pm

03 May 202318h – 19h

3 € (grants access to the whole venue)

+ 12 years old

Tickets available at

During the reign of King Manuel I, Lisbon was prepared to become the capital not only of Portugal, but of an immense maritime empire. In a period of around 25 years, the city was changed forever, with some of these changes still very visible today in Lisbon's urban fabric.

This period is invoked in room 8 of the Museum of Lisbon through the display of pieces that played a key role in the creation of this "global city" under King Manuel I, fulfilling his desire for a capital for his empire.

5-SALA 8 (57) Jose Avelar_MuseudeLisboa.JPG

© José Avelar/Museu de Lisboa

The Museum and the city