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Launch of the catalogue

Lisbon Vegetable Gardens. From the Middle Ages to the 21st Century

  • 9 SEPT 6PM

09 Sep 202118h – 19h

All ages

Free admission, subject to prior registration:

The Museum of Lisbon is launching the catalogue for the exhibition «Lisbon Vegetable Gardens. From the Middle Ages to the 21st Century» on 8 September at 6pm in Palácio Pimenta.

The publication of this catalogue represents a major contribution by the Museum of Lisbon to the history of Lisbon's vegetable gardens and to the debate on their future, while addressing current issues such as sustainability, food sovereignty and security in the city. 

Gathering 208 pages and more than 40 texts both in Portuguese and English, this catalogue provides a multidisciplinary approach to how vegetable gardens evolved in the city over more than 800 years, as well as the current relationship between Lisbon's gardeners and their vegetable gardens, raising questions and leaving clues as to what role urban vegetable gardens may play in the future. 

The catalogue is a complement to the exhibition and makes way to a multidisciplinary journey through Lisbon vegetable gardens that resources to maps, paintings, literature and photography. Specialists in subjects such as history, anthropology, architecture, biology, environmental engineering, hydrogeology, underground water resources and agronomy worked towards a better understanding of the territory and its paths, practices, narratives, figures, strategies and politics related to the city's gardens. 

Enabling complementary readings, positions and preferences, this multidisciplinary perspective forms the backbone of the project, essentially through the ambitious work of anthropologist Daniela Araújo and historian Mário Nascimento, two valuable team members of the Museum of Lisbon.

Given the exhibition taking place in 2020, the corresponding catalogue published by the Museum of Lisbon is part of the official editions of the European Green Capital Lisbon 2020 programme.

Title: Lisbon Vegetable Gardens. From the Middle Ages to the 21st Century
Number of pages: 208
Price: €15.00
Publisher: Museu de Lisboa, EGEAC, EM


© Museu de Lisboa


© Museu de Lisboa

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Lisbon’s Vegetable Gardens