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International Congress Performance Buildings in Roman Lusitania 

24 — 25 Mar 202310h30 – 19h

Organization Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre

Free admission

The  international  congress  specifically  dedicated  to  performance  buildings  in  the  Roman province of Lusitania seeks the updating of knowledge on this type of construction.

On the one hand, research has progressed thanks to new studies and archaeological interventions; on the other hand, the aim is to analyse such buildings, starting from the provincial territory in order to its characterisation with respect to this type of monumental public buildings, considering this geographic space as one, although today divided into two political units. 

This congress, which brings together multiple researchers who have focused on the trilogy of these  Roman  public  spaces  -  theatres,  amphitheatres  and  circuses  -  also seeks to offer a comprehensive view not limited to Lusitania, but rather framed in the Roman Empire in which it is integrated. 

Besides monographic works, the aim is to offer a wider vision of this type of buildings. This congress will discuss technical aspects, concerning construction methods and systems, and the costs associated with their construction. Also not forgotten is the current use or reuse of these spaces, an increasingly pressing issue due to the mass tourism that floods some of these types of  archaeological sites but also as a  legitimisation of  the original  function of  these types of buildings and their respective dignification. 

Program available here

Until 31st January, everyone is invited to participate in the call for posters to be presented during the congress.


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