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Exhibition opening ​​​​​​ The perfumes of Lisbon

Afonso Oliveira Collection

  • 6 JUN 2024 6pm

06 Jun 202418h – 19h30

Free admission

All ages

Based on the private collection of Afonso Oliveira, this exhibition covers more than 150 years of history of perfumery in Lisbon, from the first factory – Thomas Mendonça e Filhos, set up in 1850 in Calçada do Combro – to the present day.

Following international trends, research into and production of new fragrances increased to meet the demand of privileged social classes and the increasingly assertive role of women, flourishing in the Roaring Twenties.

While well-known local brands thrived during the Estado Novo, with the establishment of the democratic regime and the consequent international opening Portugal was flooded with foreign products and brands which quickly came to dominate the market. Most Portuguese companies were unable to adapt and closed down.

However, some remain active and, surprisingly, perfumes continue to be made in the Portuguese capital and even under the name of Lisbon.

Afonso Oliveira has been collecting bottles and products related to perfumery and cosmetics for over 40 years. His collection, comprising almost 5,000 objects, includes numerous references to Lisbon brands and factories, the main Portuguese production centre since the mid-19th century.


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The perfumes of Lisbon

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