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Guided tour by the Scientific Curator and the Scientific Commission

Housing policies in Lisbon: from Monarchy to Democracy

  • 11 Feb 2023 3PM
  • 11 Mar 2023 11AM [SOLD OUT]
  • 15 Apr 2023 11AM

11 Mar 202315h – 16h15


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The curator of the exhibition Housing policies in Lisbon: from Monarchy to Democracy, professor and researcher Gonçalo Antunes, together with Ricardo Santos, will guide us through this exhibition that covers five different political periods: Constitutional Monarchy, First Republic, Military Dictatorship, Estado Novo, and Democratic Portugal.


© Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa, Projeto do primeiro bairro social de Lisboa (Arco do Cego), perspetiva geral, da autoria dos arquitetos Adães Bermudes, Edmundo Tavares e Frederico Caetano de Carvalho 1919