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Fado Mass and guided tour of the Saint Anthony Museum

  • 11 FEB 2024 4pm
  • 17 DEZ 2023 4pm
  • 10 JUN 2023 4pm
  • 19 DEC 2021 3:30pm

18 Feb 2024 — 18 Jan 202416h – 18h

All ages

Free entry, subject to capacity

The close relationship between the Church of Santo António and the Museum of Lisbon - Santo António regularly materialises in one event that unfolds in these two spaces.


 4 pm • Guided tour of the museum
Guided tour of the museum located on the site where Saint Anthony was born, to learn a little more about the history of this saint who was born in Lisbon.

Free admission, subject to prior registration: 

5 pm • Fado mass at Saint Anthony's church
A joint venture of QuoVadis - Turismo do Patriarcado and the Church of Santo António allies fado and cult. Matilde Cid brings traditional fado to Catholic celebrations.

Participation in the visit does not guarantee a place at the Fado Mass.



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Thirteen-day Novena to St. Anthony