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Dixie Gang Concert

23 Sep 202219h – 20h30

Free admission


A Dixie Gang show is like a voyage on a boat along the Mississippi at the beginning of the last century. It is a glass of bootleg bourbon during prohibition, which should always be drunk while dancing.

The Dixie Gang was born from a passion for traditional New Orleans jazz (also known as Dixieland).

The group first performed in 1991 at the Ritz Club, a well-known cabaret in Lisbon. Since then they have performed in innumerable different settings, both private (birthdays, weddings and even funerals) and public (street parades, concerts, festivals), and both in Portugal and abroad (Macau, Slovakia, Spain France and Italy).

Other musician friends often join the band, either from the jazz area such as Paula Oliveira or Alan Thomas (once even the great Max Roach!), or from the world of Portuguese pop (including Jorge Palma, with whom they recorded, among others).
The group has released three CDs: Jazz Me Blues (1999), Pimenta da Terra (2005) and Um Quarto do Século (2017), the latter to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

With the exception of the drummer, the composition of the Dixie Gang has remained the same since its inception:
João Viana - Trumpet
Claus Nymark - Trombone
Paulo Gaspar - Clarinet 
Gil Gonçalves - Tuba
David Rodrigues - Piano
Silas Oliveira - Banjo
Rui Alves - Drums

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