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Valentine's Day

  • 07–14 FEB 2023 10AM–6PM
  • 07–13 FEB 2022 10AM–6PM

07 — 14 Feb 202310h – 18h

Free admission

The great matchmaker and patron saint of lovers, Saint Anthony is often invoked to help in matters of the heart and to bring and renew romantic love.

The Museum of Lisbon - Santo António has prepared some activities to celebrate this date and remember the traditions that connect Santo António and lovers.

On February 7th, the portal O Amor é no ar! and a mailbox will be installed and until the 14th, you can leave your wish in the mailbox and receive the best sympathy to get the desired love.

And if you still haven't found your true love, you might think about getting yourself in the saint's good books by tossing a coin at the statue of Saint Anthony in front of the entrance to the Museum of Lisbon - Saint Anthony. It is said that the number of attempts you need to get your coin to land and stay on the saint's book represents the number of years you'll need to wait for your desired love. 

Because love is... visiting Saint Anthony for Valentine's Day. 


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