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St. Anthony was born here

  • 04 JUN 2023 11am
  • 04 JUN 2022 11AM
  • 14 AGO 2022 11AM
  • 01 NOV 2021 11:30AM
  • 04 SET 2021 11AM
  • 03 JUL 2021 11:30AM

04 Jun 202316h – 17h15

Duration: 75 min

+ 12 years old

Free admission, with registration:


The place where the Saint was born and started his life as a Christian has many stories to tell. From the Museum of Lisbon - Santo António and the Church of Santo António to the Cathedral, we propose a tour of the places that marked the life of the boy Fernando who would go on to become Saint Anthony.

In partnership with Quo Vadis Turismo do Patriarcado, Cabido da Sé Patriarcal de Lisboa

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Thirteen-day Novena to St. Anthony