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The Museum of Lisbon boasts a varied and heterogeneous collection, composed of around 100,000 pieces and organised in nearly 50 collections of different typologies.

It is a fundamental collection in relation to the history of Lisbon, documenting its urban transformations and the multiple ways in which different gazes have captured the essence of the city and the myriad aspects of its life.

Particularly noteworthy sections include those relating to the earthquake of 1755, to Lisbon’s global status as a centre for baroque tile production, and to the city’s great transformations between the 19th and 20th centuries. 

The Museum of Lisbon also includes the archaeological collections from the Roman Theatre and Casa dos Bicos, with findings dating back to protohistory (6th century BCE).

It also holds the finest collection dedicated to the Lisbon saint of popular devotion and global significance: Saint Anthony.

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